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Around ICMA-RC

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eDelivery of Your Account Statements
Easily access your statements online when you log into your account, instead of waiting for them to be delivered by mail from ICMA-RC. Sign up with your account by navigating to the Message & Alerts menu. Click Statement & Documents and click the documents for which you want to receive email notification. Access this short video and these quick tips that show how easy it is to sign up for eDelivery of your account statements, transaction confirmations, prospectuses, and more.

Connect with Us 
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Need personalized assistance? Meet with your ICMA-RC Retirement Plans Specialist.

Scholarship Fund
The ICMA-RC Public Employee Memorial Scholarship Fund helps children and spouses of public sector employees who have died in the line of duty. Applications are accepted from Dec. 15-March 15. For details, visit

Fund Performance to Move Online
Quarterly fund performance information currently shown on statements will be moved exclusively online in April 2021. This information will continue to be available in Account Access, along with links to more detailed fund profile and expense information. With this information accessible online, you can enjoy easier access to the most up-to-date fund information and view more details about the investment options in your plan. For even more convenience with your statements, sign up for eDelivery so you can receive an email when your quarterly statements are available; see above eDelivery of Your Account Statements. 

Please note: The contents of this publication provided by MissionSquare Retirement is general information regarding your retirement benefits. It is not intended to provide you with or substitute for specific legal, tax, or investment advice. You may want to consult with your legal, tax, or investment advisor to review your own personal situation. Some of the products, services, or funds detailed in this publication may not be available in your plan. This document may contain information obtained from outside sources and it may reference external websites. While we believe this information to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy. In addition, rules and laws can change frequently.

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