Employer Investment Program (EIP)

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The EIP Program allows you to establish an OPEB Trust to prefund promised retiree health benefits and can be paired with MissionSquare Retirement’s Retirement Health Savings Program for a truly comprehensive solution.

In an environment of rising healthcare costs and GASB 75 financial reporting requirements, public sector employers want solutions to pre-fund the cost of Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB).

MissionSquare Retirement's Employer Investment Program (EIP) is designed to help meet those retiree health care obligations and ease administrative responsibilities. The EIP Program offers a turnkey solution for establishing and funding an OPEB Trust that saves time and expense. Our services include administration and trust — all with a single, trusted provider — to meet an employer’s current and future needs.

EIP provides a protected and dedicated vehicle to pre-fund retiree health costs.

  • IRS-approved Integral Part Trust (IPT) funding vehicle – The IPT is ready for adoption and updated as laws and circumstances change, so that pre-funding employee benefits is compliant, convenient, and cost-effective for you.
  • Dedicated account — Employers are generally required to utilize a separate trust, such as EIP’s Integral Part Trust, to fund a defined benefit retirement plan.
  • Liability offset — Only assets in a dedicated trust will offset an employer’s OPEB liability.
  • Diversified investment lineup — We make available a wide range of mutual funds from different fund families and you can make changes at any time.
  • Tax advantages — Trust contributions, investment earnings and disbursements for retiree health benefits are tax-free.

Help your employees take care of their health costs in retirement, a critical expense for many. To learn more, contact your MissionSquare Retirement representative or Plan Sponsor Services at (800) 326-7272.

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