MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee

We want you to be confident that your retirement investments are safe and secure. Our MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee means we will reimburse you for all losses from your MissionSquare Retirement account(s) that are the result of unauthorized activity through no fault of your own.

To ensure your protection through this guarantee, please take the following steps to secure your account:

  • Make sure your information is current.
    Be sure to provide MissionSquare Retirement with a secure address, email address, and phone number to receive information from us regarding your account. Should your contact information change, be sure to update it in your account with us, including bank account information.
  • Monitor your account activity.
    Check your MissionSquare Retirement account frequently and notify us immediately at (800) 669-7400 of any discrepancies or suspicious activity. Promptly and thoroughly review all mail, email, and other communications from MissionSquare Retirement and respond to us as requested. If MissionSquare Retirement sends you a communication notifying you of a discrepancy or suspicious activity on your account, be sure to respond immediately.
  • Be cautious of certain communications.
    Exercise caution with suspicious communications. MissionSquare Retirement will never request you to provide account information, your Social Security number, or access credentials through unsolicited calls or emails.
  • Secure your account and devices.
    Make sure your account is as secure as possible by creating unique and strong passwords and safeguarding your account information and online access credentials. Also ensure your devices are up to date with current security technology such as anti-spyware and antivirus software.

Thank you for helping us keep your account as secure as possible. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at (800) 669-7400.

Additional Details: MissionSquare Retirement's Security Guarantee is public information. All of your MissionSquare Retirement administered accounts are covered under the MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee. The guarantee does not cover other accounts that are owned by participants and held at other institutions, unauthorized activity by an employer or plan sponsor representative with access to your account, or your own fraudulent acts and omissions. If you intentionally or negligently grant authority to or share your MissionSquare Retirement account information or access credentials with any other persons or entities, their activity will be considered authorized by you and therefore not covered by the guarantee. If you have a claim, we will ask for your cooperation with our investigation and we may ask you to take certain actions such as filing a police report or providing an affidavit. The guarantee does not cover legal expenses, taxes, or lost opportunity costs. MissionSquare Retirement will determine the amount and form of any reimbursement provided under the guarantee in its sole discretion. MissionSquare Retirement reserves the right to modify or withdraw this guarantee at any time.

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