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MissionSquare Retirement Earns 2023 Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation™

March 18, 2024

Cigna Healthcare has selected MissionSquare Retirement, an organization that advocates for retirement security and financial well-being, as a recipient of their 2023 Gold Level Healthy Workforce Designation™ for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and vitality of its employees through a workplace well-being program.

“It is with immense pride that we celebrate achieving Cigna Healthcare's Gold level designation, highlighting our steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of well-being. Recognizing the importance of self-care, MissionSquare Retirement strives for healthy, productive employees, contributing to a positive work environment and business outcomes,” said Deanna Santana, Acting CEO & President at MissionSquare Retirement. “This recognition reflects our ongoing efforts to create an environment where our employees thrive, and we're honored to be acknowledged by Cigna Healthcare for our commitment to employee well-being.”

MissionSquare Retirement's innovative well-being program takes a holistic approach to employee health and productivity. Going beyond standard paid time off (PTO), the comprehensive initiative emphasizes relaxation, personal days, and holidays, volunteerism aiming to cultivate a healthier and more productive workforce. By prioritizing the overall health of their team, MissionSquare Retirement elevates their employees' quality of life.

Wellness takes center stage at MissionSquare Retirement, evident in frequent employee communications covering stress relief, mindfulness, heart-healthy recipes, and disease prevention. The Washington, D.C. headquarters boasts an on-site fitness center, fostering camaraderie through individual workouts or group sessions. Virtual classes cater to remote employees, with incentives encouraging engagement in wellness activities. This unwavering commitment to employee well-being is a prime factor in MissionSquare Retirement earning its Gold level Healthy Workforce Designation.

A workplace well-being program that takes a comprehensive approach to employee health can be critical in boosting vitality and building a workforce that experiences better overall health and job productivity. Vitality is defined as the capacity to pursue life with health, strength and energy. It is both a driver and an outcome of health and work/life engagement, and Cigna Healthcare believes it is not only essential to individuals, but also a catalyst for business and community growth. Research conducted as part of the Evernorth Vitality Index confirms that those with higher vitality experience better mental and physical health along with higher levels of job satisfaction and performance. An opportunity remains for employers as less than one in five U.S. adults report having high levels of vitality.

“Higher vitality is linked to a more motivated, connected, and productive workforce,” said Kari Knight Stevens, executive vice president and chief human resources officer, The Cigna Group. “Employers that foster vitality will fuel a healthier workplace and drive business and economic growth. That’s why we’re proud to recognize employers for their efforts to prioritize multiple dimensions of wellness, build a culture of health, and boost employee engagement.”

The Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation evaluates organizations based on the core components of their well-being program, including leadership and culture, program foundations and execution, policies and accommodations, and additional areas. Organizations recognized with this designation set the standard of excellence for organizational health and vitality.

About MissionSquare Retirement
Since our founding in 1972, MissionSquare Retirement has been dedicated to simplifying the path to retirement security for public service employees. As a mission-based, nonstock, nonprofit financial services company, we manage and administer over $74 billion in assets.* Our commitment to delivering results-oriented retirement plans, education, investments, and personalized advice sets us apart. Explore how we enable public service workers to build a secure financial future. Visit or follow the company on FacebookLinkedIn, and X.

*As of January 31, 2024. Includes 457, 401, 403(b), Retirement Health Savings (RHS) plans, Employer Investment Program (EIP) plans, affiliated IRAs, and investment-only assets.

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