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MissionSquare Retirement's CMO, Sheri Gilchrist, Advocates for Enhanced Financial Education Initiatives

August 14, 2023

Sheri Gilchrist, Chief Marketing Officer at MissionSquare Retirement, highlighted the critical need for organizations to provide substantive financial education programs to employees, as an increasing number of Americans grapple with financial challenges.

In a recent address to members of the Financial Communications Society (FCS), Gilchrist offered invaluable insights into the pivotal role financial service marketers play in supporting financial education initiatives, particularly in the context of the staggering $1.3 trillion retirement savings gap. She underscored the potential of leveraging technological advancements, artificial intelligence, and online learning to foster improved financial behaviors and savings habits.

Throughout her distinguished career, Gilchrist has consistently championed the expansion and fortification of financial education programs to secure better financial futures for all Americans, especially those navigating economic hardships. At MissionSquare Retirement, she leads the organization's efforts in financial communications and education, dedicated to enhancing retirement security for the public service workforce.

"Financial instability is an escalating concern across the nation, and this challenge is amplified for public service professionals, including first responders and teachers," Gilchrist remarked. "Numerous employees find themselves burdened with financial stress during work hours and are seeking assistance from their employers. Effective financial education programs hold the key to empowering employees to navigate their day-to-day finances and establish a foundation for a secure retirement. The onus is on financial communications professionals to continue driving comprehensive programs that cater to both students and employees," she said.

Recent research conducted by MissionSquare Research Institute highlights the financial difficulties faced by a significant portion of public service workers. Many struggle to meet bill payments on time and lack essential emergency savings. The Institute's findings reveal that 88% of public service employees express concerns about their financial well-being, with 77% admitting these worries persist while they are at work. While 40% of public service workers report access to employer-sponsored financial education programs, participation rates stand at only 35%. Encouragingly, 67% of those currently not partaking in such programs express a strong willingness to participate in the future, should the opportunity arise.

As a testament to her dedication, FCS has generously donated to Inspiring Girls USA on Gilchrist's behalf. This organization resonates deeply with Gilchrist, as it strives to amplify girls' ambitions and challenge prevailing gender stereotypes.

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