Monroe County: Deferred Compensation Plan

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  • Your Monroe County Deferred Compensation Plan can help you reach your financial goals. Start saving for retirement independence.

    Enroll Online

  • Manage your account online at any time through the secure participant website. View your account balance, change your contribution amount, adjust your investment selections, and update your beneficiary and other information.

  • Take It to the Limit!
    Keep up the momentum in your retirement planning by increasing the amount you contribute from each paycheck toward your retirement. Even a small increase can make a big difference over time!

    Find contribution limits for your age and situation.

    Manage Contributions Online

    It's easy to start or adjust the amount you set aside from each paycheck to invest for your retirement. Even small increases can add up over time! Log into your acount and click Contributions. If you need help, contact Mark Lasyone, at (202) 759-7029 or

  • You have the option to make Roth (after-tax) contributions to your retirement savings. These contributions provide you with additional tax-advantaged savings opportunities. You may withdraw these contributions - and their associated earnings - tax-free if certain criteria are met.

    How to start making Roth contributions:
    Log in to your account and select "Deferral Change."

  • What if I'm no longer employed by the County?

    You may keep your retirement savings in your County account even if you are no longer employed by the County. You may consolidate and move other money into your Deferred Compensation Plan, where your money will be invested in funds that you choose. And don't worry! There's still time to join the plan if you haven't already.

  • The County conducted a bid process and determined that the fees paid by plan participants for the services received are reasonable and competitive. In addition, the funds available in the plan are selected by the County with the assistance of a consultant, based upon their assessment of the funds and their costs.

    You may log in to your account to view a full list of the available funds and their performance, as well as fee disclosure information.

  • Stay informed and keep up with plan news - sign up for e-Delivery! Receive your quarterly statements, transaction confirmations, and other communications in your email inbox instead of by regular mail. Here's how:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click Profile.
    3. Go to e-Delivery Preferences
    4. Select Make Changes
    5. Complete the “Go Paperless with eDelivery” form.
    6. Enjoy your new paper-free existence!

  • After a competitive bid process, Monroe County Deferred Compensation Plan Committee selected MissionSquare Retirement as its sole provider for the 457 Plan.

MissionSquare Retirement Representative

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  • Enrolling in your plan
  • Rollovers into your MissionSquare Retirement account
  • Investment strategy and how much to save
  • Distribution options
  • Pre-retirement checkup

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Stephanie Keur
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