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Welcome to the Long Beach Deferred Compensation Program website. This site is designed and maintained by MissionSquare Retirement to provide you with information regarding your enhanced retirement plan program. You may also use this website to learn more about the many exciting resources that MissionSquare Retirement provides to public sector employees as part of our ongoing mission to meet the financial planning needs of all public sector employees.

Providing retirement plan solutions for public sector employees and employers has been the core mission of MissionSquare Retirement since 1972. MissionSquare Retirement is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated exclusively to serving the retirement savings needs of government employees. Members of the plan are in very good company — MissionSquare Retirement provides services to over 9,000 employer plans and close to a million public sector participant accounts.

Consistent with our core mission, MissionSquare Retirement is a recognized retirement education leader, helping public employees develop strategies to achieve retirement objectives. In addition, MissionSquare Retirement offers a broad range of investment options and related services to meet the varied needs of participants. The Deferred Compensation Program fund offerings are structured along multiple tracks to meet participant needs as you design an investment program that meets specific objectives, risk tolerances and time horizons. The fund offering broadly covers the risk and return spectrum and offers a wide range of options to meet your needs. Your choices include:

  • Index funds that provide low cost access to equity, bond and international markets, and are designed to closely track a broad and defined market.
  • Retail mutual funds that are well known and have strong track records.
  • Custom Life Cycle Funds for the exclusive use of participants of the City of Long Beach 457 Plan.

During the education workshops, MissionSquare Retirement Plans Specialists will provide you with information about your fund options and other products to help you determine which options most closely match your goals and objectives. This website has been designed to assist you and introduce you to the many services offered by MissionSquare Retirement. Now may be a great time to reevaluate your current planning. Not sure if you're saving enough? Check out our full line of financial planning calculators. Want to learn more about investing in general? Visit our education, planning, and advice resources.

Explore. Take advantage of the tools. Schedule to attend one of our education seminars. Most of all, enjoy, and welcome to MissionSquare Retirement.

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