Bay Area Rapid Transit: Retirement Plans

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Fund Lineup

The table below lists the investment options available for BART participants. To view detailed information about each option, select the investment name.

To view the most current investment performance, log in to Account Access. After logging into your account, you can also review the personalized returns of your investment portfolio by selecting the Personal Performance option in the My Account View section of the website. The quarterly performance summary is available here.

Fund Name Fund Code
Stable Value/Cash Management
Capital Preservation Money Purchase 1201
Capital Preservation Deferred Compensation Plan 1202
Fixed Income Fund, 457(b) Plan 1123
Fixed Income Fund, 401(a) Plan 1113
Balanced/Asset Allocation
T Rowe Price® Retirement Balanced CIT Fund 5310
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2005 CIT Fund 5311
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2010 CIT Fund 5312
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2015 CIT Fund 5313
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2020 CIT Fund 5314
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2025 CIT Fund 5315
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2030 CIT Fund 5316
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2035 CIT Fund 5317
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2040 CIT Fund 5318
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2045 CIT Fund 5319
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2050 CIT Fund 5320
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2055 CIT Fund 5321
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2060 CIT Fund 1528
T Rowe Price® Retirement 2065 CIT Fund 5862
U.S. Stock
Large Cap US Equity Fund, 457(b) Plan 1120
Large Cap US Equity Fund, 401(a) Plan 1110
Small/Mid Cap US Equity Fund, 457(b) Plan 1121
Small/Mid Cap US Equity Fund, 401(a) Plan 1111
International/Global Stock
International Equity Fund, 457(b) Plan 1122
International Equity Fund, 401(a) Plan 1112
Real Assets Fund 1218


Brokerage Option for 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and the 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan (Contact the BART Benefits Office for more information)

General Disclosures
Investment options listed were available at the time this information was generated and can change overtime. Investment option performance is available the 5th business day after month end and benchmark/peer group performance is available on the 10th business day after quarter end. Information prior to those time periods may be incomplete.

Please refer to for a glossary of investment and fee related terms.

Contact Your Representative

Ryan Bertrand
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7187
Patrick O'Marah
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7277
Ray Ortiz
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7126
Bilingual (English & Spanish)