City of Oakland: 457 and 401(a) Retirement Plans

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    Cost of Delay Calculator

    Cost of Delay CalculatorSee how much more you'd need to save, or how much less your account might be worth, if you delay enrolling in your retirement plan.

    Grow Your Savings

    Grow Your Savings CalculatorThis calculator shows the effects compound interest could have on your savings.

    Small Change, Big Savings Calculator

    Small Change, Big Savings Calculator Giving up a few everyday items can help you save. This calculator shows how cutting back can add up over time and increase your savings.

    Savings Boost Calculator

    Savings Boost CalculatorSee how increasing your 457 Plan contributions can provide a valuable boost to your future savings.

    Roth Analyzer

    Roth AnalyzerUse this calculator to learn more about the Roth option and decide which is best for your situation - pre-tax or after-tax savings.

    Retirement Withdrawal Calculator

    Retirement Withdrawal CalculatorUse this calculator to help you manage withdrawals from your defined contribution accounts that you have set aside for retirement.

    Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculator

    Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) CalculatorUse this calculator to determine your current RMD and estimate your future RMDs.

    Deal with Debt

    Deal with DebtSee how to lower the total cost of debt by paying it off sooner, getting a lower rate, or minimizing it to begin with.

    Retiree Health Cost Estimator

    Retiree Health Cost EstimatorSee how to be prepared for a significant expense.

    Retirement Health Savings Asset Allocation

    Retirement Health Savings Asset AllocationAs you near or enter retirement, see how you can invest your RHS account.