Savings Strategies to Help You Get on Track

"I'll save more for my future goals." Sound familiar? Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought over the last two years, you can save more, and we can help.

In a recent study by MissionSquare Research Institute, 44% of respondents in early career, 41% in midcareer, and 30% in late/encore career are concerned about saving enough to be financially secure throughout retirement. Here are a few financial strategies, and check out Kick Off the New Year with These Easy Savings Strategies for more.

  • Rebuild or start an emergency savings. Try to maintain at least three to six months' worth of living expenses in an interest-bearing account that you can tap into during unexpected events, such as a job loss. No emergency fund? Gradually build up your savings. Any amount is a good start.
  • Tackle your credit card debt. If possible, pay extra on the card with the highest interest rate. Once that card is paid off, apply payments to the card with the next highest rate, and so on. Consider asking your card issuers about hardship repayment plans.
  • Restart your retirement savings. If you reduced your contributions, restore your prior contributions or even increase them. If that's still a stretch, you can gradually raise your contributions by 2-3% each year until you reach your target.

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