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New Interview Video Highlights Recent Movements in the Financial Markets and What It Could Mean for Investors

After the presidential election the financial markets saw a rally despite lingering uncertainties, but investors are looking ahead, based on engaging insights shared in this new Markets Q&A video.

In the video, Wayne Wicker, CFA, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, answers questions and shares his perspectives on the markets both pre- and post-election with Orlando Cruz, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue and Sales Officer of ICMA-RC.

Mr. Wicker noted the markets' recent rally following periods of volatility stemming from uncertainty before the election. "From the markets view, this seems like a pretty good compromise based on where they were about a month ago based on how the elections were going to play out," said Mr. Wicker.

Watch the video above for more on this timely and engaging topic.

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