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See the important reminders and updates below to help you manage your account and get the most out of your retirement savings.

Check Your Contact Information
Saving for retirement is important. So is ensuring you receive up-to-date information from ICMA-RC. Having your most current contact information, such as day and evening telephone numbers, email address, and mailing address, means we can keep you informed about important updates regarding your retirement plan. Log into your account to make any updates. It's a great opportunity to update your beneficiary designations, too, if you haven't done so recently; see tip below.

Check Your Beneficiary Designations
Review and update your beneficiary designations after any major life changes to make sure your money will go to the people you want to inherit your accounts. Log into your account, then click on the Beneficiaries option on the drop-down menu next to the plan of your choice on the home page. Be sure to review and update your beneficiary designations for your 401, 457, and 403(b) accounts, and survivor designations for your VantageCare Retirement Health Savings account for qualified health-care expense reimbursements.

Check Your Contribution Amounts
While logged into your account, select View Account from the dropdown menu next to the plan of your choice and then click Contributions at the top of that page in order to check your contribution amounts to ensure you are contributing a percentage of your paycheck versus a flat dollar amount. When you select a percentage, your contributions can grow with any salary or contribution increases you might make. While reviewing this information, check to be sure you are signed up for eDelivery of your account statement. See this short eDelivery video and quick tips to learn more.

Check Out Our Tech Tools
Visit our new Digital Resources to see the many ways you can conveniently manage your retirement savings account. Whether you're online or on the go, stay informed with these helpful tools to keep you in the know. Check out easy tools you can use to access your account and elevate your savings savvy. Visit

Please note: The contents of this publication provided by MissionSquare Retirement is general information regarding your retirement benefits. It is not intended to provide you with or substitute for specific legal, tax, or investment advice. You may want to consult with your legal, tax, or investment advisor to review your own personal situation. Some of the products, services, or funds detailed in this publication may not be available in your plan. This document may contain information obtained from outside sources and it may reference external websites. While we believe this information to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy. In addition, rules and laws can change frequently.

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