City of Long Beach 457 Retirement Investment Plan Options: How to Approach Investing in Your Retirement Plan

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    Option 2: I want to build my own portfolio.

    I'm comfortable selecting my own investments, choosing from a variety of funds, and making periodic adjustments as needed .

    A variety of funds are available in the City of Long Beach Fund Lineup, ranging in potential risk and reward from conservative to aggressive.

    To build a diversified portfolio, you should con­sider owning one or more funds in each of the categories in varying percentages, based on your time horizon, goals and comfort level with risk.

    Guided Pathways®1

    As a do-it-myself investor, you can take advantage of MissionSquare Retirement's Guided Pathways® for help in building a diversified portfolio, as well as determining how much you should be saving in your retirement accounts.

    Individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements also have the option of opening a brokerage account within their retire­ment plan. For more information about this option, contact your employer or MissionSquare Retirement.

    1 Investment advice and analysis tools are offered to participants through MissionSquare Retirement, a federally registered investment adviser. Investment advice is the result of methodologies developed, maintained and overseen by the Independent Financial Expert, Morningstar Investment Management LLC.  Morningstar Investment Management LLC is a  registered investment adviser and  subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.  Morningstar Inc, and Morningstar Investment Management LLC are not affiliated with MissionSquare Retirement. All rights reserved. The Morningstar name  and  logo are registered marks of Morningstar, Inc .