City of Long Beach 457 Retirement Investment Plan Options: How to Approach Investing in Your Retirement Plan

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    Guided Pathways

    MissionSquare Retirement's Guided Pathways® includes two levels of service for do-it-myself investors that take into account your personal circum­stances:

    Asset Class Guidance — recommends how to divide your retirement account among different types of stock and bond funds.

    Cost: Free

    Fund Advice — recommends specific investment options.

    Cost: Free

    In addition to helping you build a diversified portfolio, both services also recommend how much you should consider saving in your retirement account.

    1 Please contact our Guided Pathways® team or your MissionSquare Retirement Plans Specialist and fully read the MissionSquare Retirement Guided Pathways® Fund Advice and Managed Accounts Investment Advisory Agreement prior to enrolling in Fund Advice to determine if this service is right for you. Underlying mutual fund expenses and plan administration fees still apply. Please consult the applicable disclosure materials for a description of these fees and expenses.