Bay Area Rapid Transit: Retirement Plans

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Michael Jones

Michael Jones is the Assistant General Manager, Administration at San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). In this role, Jones has responsibility for Leading Human Resources, Procurement, and responsible for administrative policies and procedures. Prior to joining BART, Jones served as Chief Human Resources Officer at Metra Commuter Rail in Chicago, Chief Administrative Officer for SYSTRA Consulting, Inc. in Philadelphia, and as Senior Manager, Human Resources / Labor Relations Officer at Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Jones is the Chair of the BART Investment Plans Committee (IPC), which is responsible for over $1 Billion in assets. The Committee is responsible for recommending policies, making decisions on investment options and fee structures, and ensuring plan compliance with IRS rules.

Contact Your Representative

Ryan Bertrand
Ryan Bertrand,
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7187
Patrick O'Mara
Patrick O'Marah,
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7277
Ray Ortiz
Ray Ortiz,
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7126