Bay Area Rapid Transit: Retirement Plans

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Choose your approach

You control how your account is invested. Choose from a number of investment options selected for you by the BART Investment Plans Committee.

Your plan includes a wide range of options, from more conservative stable value funds to more aggressive bond and stock funds, including a self-directed brokerage option. You may choose:

1) Do-it-for-me (Target Date Funds)

Keep it simple: Select a simple yet diversified age-based T.Rowe Price Target Date Retirement Fund that is geared toward your projected retirement date. These funds may be a good alternative for investors who are not comfortable actively managing their account.

Target-date funds are designed to become more conservative over time and to be withdrawn over a long retirement period, but it does not consider your risk tolerance.

2) Help-me-do-it (Asset-Class Funds)

Build a diversified portfolio of various funds available in your plan.

Investment options are designed for the active investor who wants to have some control in their investment portfolio.

This investment strategy holds a portfolio of funds, versus investing directly in individual stock, bonds, or other investments.

BART offers the five "fund of funds" options below and the Capital Preservation Fund for this approach:

  • Large Cap U.S. Equity Fund
  • Small/Mid Cap U.S. Equity Fund
  • International Equity Fund
  • Fixed Income Fund
  • Real Assets Fund
  • T. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced CIT Fund

3) Do-it-myself (Self-Directed Brokerage)

BART also offers you the option of investing through a self-directed brokerage account (SDBA). This feature is best suited for those who wish to manage their investments without assistance. Investment selections through the SDBA include exchange-traded funds, individual securities, and other funds.

BrochureRead highlights of the MissionSquare Brokerage program.

Contact Your Representative

Ryan Bertrand
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7187
Patrick O'Marah
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7277
Ray Ortiz
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7126
Bilingual (English & Spanish)