Bay Area Rapid Transit: Retirement Plans

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New Security Center

MissionSquare Retirement takes seriously the safeguarding of participants’ accounts and continuously applies security enhancements. Our goal is to provide you with account integrity and flexible access while ensuring that the money withdrawn is made available to you as you intend. We are continuously evaluating our fraud-prevention processes to ensure your assets are properly safeguarded at all times.

Below are some tips to help you identify, prevent, and report potential fraud.

  • MissionSquare Retirement’s Security Guarantee
  • Online Safety Tips
  • Fraud Prevention Tips
  • Reporting Security Incidents

MissionSquare Retirement’s Security Guarantee

MissionSquare Retirement wants you to be confident that your retirement investments are safe and secure. Our MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee means we will reimburse you for all losses from your MissionSquare Retirement account(s) that are the result of unauthorized activity through no fault of your own.

No action is required by participants to qualify for the MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee. All MissionSquare Retirement accounts are automatically eligible to receive this guarantee as long as participants take the necessary security steps outlined in the guarantee.

These steps include but are not limited to:

  • Making sure your contact information with MissionSquare Retirement is current
  • Regularly monitoring your account for suspicious activity. At least quarterly is recommended.
  • Notifying MissionSquare Retirement immediately at (833) 423-BART (2278) if there are any account discrepancies
  • Safeguarding your account information
  • Securing your accounts and devices through strong and unique passwords

The MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee protects your retirement savings so you can retire well when you’re ready. You can help keep your information secure by registering your BART retirement account through the participant website, completing the verification steps, and then establishing a password-protected account.

Additional Details: All of your MissionSquare Retirement-administered accounts are covered under the MissionSquare Retirement Security Guarantee. The guarantee does not cover other accounts that are owned by participants and held at other institutions, unauthorized activity by an employer or plan sponsor representative with access to your account, or your own fraudulent acts and omissions. If you intentionally or negligently grant authority to or share your MissionSquare Retirement account information or access credentials with any other persons or entities, their activity will be considered authorized by you and therefore not covered by the guarantee. If you have a claim, we will ask for your cooperation with our investigation and we may ask you to take certain actions, such as filing a police report or providing an affidavit. The guarantee does not cover legal expenses, taxes, or lost opportunity costs. MissionSquare Retirement will determine the amount and form of any reimbursement provided under the guarantee in its sole discretion. MissionSquare Retirement reserves the right to modify or withdraw this guarantee at any time.

Online Safety Tips

Anyone can be a victim of an online scam. Follow these basic tips to protect yourself online:

  • Phishing scams. Emails that look like correspondence from a company or organization you know may seem legitimate, but be aware if something looks off. MissionSquare Retirement will never ask you to provide personal information via email, including your date of birth, Social Security number, or account number.
  • Online ads. Ads and pop-up messages that are not from your antivirus or antispyware software saying your computer is infected may be malware in disguise. Clicking on them could compromise your system and personal information.
  • Public computers. Public computers are good for public information, such as checking the weather or catching up on the news, but using them to access password-protected information is a security risk. Use them wisely and sparingly, and avoid sharing devices when it comes to personally identifiable information.
  • Public Wi-Fi. Similar to public computers, public Wi-Fi is inherently insecure. Wi-Fi accessibility in stores, libraries, restaurants, commuter trains, and airports can pose a danger if you log in to password-protected sites or purchase items online while connected to it. Refrain from the convenience and wait until you are on a secure, private network to access your accounts.
  • Online account access and transactions. Be cognizant of where and when you access your MissionSquare Retirement account(s) and make transactions. Avoid online transactions from a device that isn’t yours or on a public computer or Wi-Fi network. It’s best to wait until you are on your own device on a private, secure network to ensure your security.

Fraud Prevention Tips

There are steps you can take to better secure your information and avoid common fraud pitfalls.

Update your contact and bank account information promptly with MissionSquare Retirement. Whenever there is a change to your address, phone number, email, or bank account information, update your MissionSquare Retirement account(s) immediately to reflect the change. This will ensure all communication, like your statement email, arrives only to you.

Create strong and unique passwords for your MissionSquare Retirement account(s). Refrain from using passwords that are simple or can be easily guessed. Use a strong passphrase over a stand-alone password. Passphrases should feature a combination of upper- and lowercase characters, symbols, and numbers. Consider starting with a song lyric or line from a favorite movie, and build from there. Substitute a few letters for characters, numbers, or symbols. Regularly change your password to further your protection.

Check your MissionSquare Retirement account(s) frequently. Regularly log in and ensure your account(s) reflect your recent transactions. Promptly review all mail, email, and other communication and report any discrepancies immediately to MissionSquare Retirement.

Do not click on suspicious links. Clicking on links sent via email from an unknown address could compromise your computer and personal information. If you are uncertain of the sender’s identity, err on the side of caution and do not click the link.

Do not download unrequested attachments from emails. Downloading attachments sent via email from an unknown address could compromise your computer and personal information. MissionSquare Retirement will never send an attachment containing “macros.” If you are told an attachment contains macros, do not open it.

Employ antivirus and antispyware software. Use software from a reputable source, update it regularly, and renew it when it expires.

Regularly perform scans on your computer using your antivirus and antispyware software. Regularly running complete, in-depth scans of your computer can help detect and prevent any compromising activity.

Reporting Security Incidents

If you are a victim of identity theft or your personally identifiable information has been illegally obtained in any way, contact MissionSquare Retirement Participant Services immediately.

Call Toll-Free: MissionSquare Retirement (833) 423-BART (2278)

TDD: (800) 669-7471

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m. PST

Contact Your Representative

Ryan Bertrand
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7187
Patrick O'Marah
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7277
Ray Ortiz
Retirement Plans Specialist
(202) 759-7126
Bilingual (English & Spanish)