Welcome NFOP RHS plan members!

    The NFOP RHS plan allows you to save now for health care expenses that you will incur in retirement. RHS assets grow tax-deferred and are tax-free when used for eligible health care expense reimbursements.

    Managing the Plan

    To enroll* or request changes to your name or marital status, complete the NFOP Enrollment/Change Form.

    To view your account and to make changes to your investments, access your account online by logging in through the box above. You can also update your address, survivors, and marital status online.

    Requesting Reimbursements

    You are eligible for medical expense reimbursements when one of the following occurs:

    • You reach age 45 (whether employed or not)
    • You retire (as defined by your employer's pension plan)
    • 30-days after you cease being a member

    To begin receiving reimbursements, you must first return the NFOP Benefit Eligibility Form to MissionSquare Retirement. You will then receive a Welcome Package with instructions on how to submit a claim. 

    To receive subsequent reimbursements, return the NFOP Reimbursement Request Form.

    Resources for Survivors

    To notify us of an NFOP RHS Plan participant’s death, please return the Decedent Information Form.

    Eligible survivors can receive reimbursements for qualified expenses by completing the same Reimbursement Request Form. To request name or marital status changes, complete the Personal Information Form for Survivors.

    For more information on the NFOP RHS plan, please contact MissionSquare Retirement at (800) 669-7400.

    Enrollment and eligibility rules are limited to participating Lodges.