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Are you on track for retirement? Metro and MissionSquare Retirement invite you to learn more and manage your 401(k) Defined Contribution and 457 Deferred Compensation Plans online. 

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  • 401(k) Contribution amounts can be changed when logged into the MissionSquare Retirement Account Access website

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Is Roth Right for You?

Is A Loan From Your 401(k) or 457 Account Right for You?

More Investment Choices: VantageBroker
MissionSquare Retirement's VantageBroker program provides you access to additional investment options, including more than 13,000 mutual funds as well as ETFs and individual securities.

Withdrawal Options
Funds are available to participants from the 401(k) once you separate from service by request through the MissionSquare Retirement website. While still employed, funds are available through a 401(k) hardship request or 457 unforeseeable emergency withdrawals. Funds are also available if they were rolled over from a previous employer's plan, or while still employed beyond age 72. A 10% early-withdrawal penalty tax exists on 401(k) distributions prior to attaining age 59.5, in addition to applicable federal and state income taxes. 457 plan contributions are not subject to an early withdrawal penalty tax. However, the penalty may apply to non-457 plan assets rolled into a 457 plan and subsequently withdrawn prior to age 59 ½.

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