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The City of Gaithersburg  and MissionSquare Retirement invite you to learn more and manage your retirement plans online. Get started by taking an important first step for your retirement – sign up to save.

Make the most of your match! Your 5% contribution into the 401(k) plan will be matched with 3% from your employer!

401k (a) Plan - All Full Time Employees (#109100)
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457 (b) Deferred Comp - All Employees (#300760)
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Payroll Roth IRA - All Employees (#705415)
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401(a) Supplemental - Police and Public Works (106035)*
*Contact Human Resources to determine eligibility.

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Contact your Retirement Plans Specialist if you need assistance with:

  • Enrolling in your plan
  • Pre Tax vs. Roth contributions
  • Roll-ins to your MissionSquare Retirement account
  • Investment strategy and how much to save
  • Distribution options
  • Pre-retirement checkup

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